Meteor M2 & NOAA Weather Sat

Over the last couple months I have been receiving images from  the Russian Meteor M2 LRPT and the NOAA 15/18/19 APT weather Sats as you might have seen from earlier posts.  The Russian Meteor has excellent resolution in its images I believe 1km, compared to the NOAA 4km sats.

To receive these images I use my Airspy HF+ or SDRplay RSP DUO and for an antenna I use a V-dipole with a LNA4ALL preamp.  If I use the SDRplay I have to record the pass and play the file with SDR# to decode the Meteor sat for the NOAA sats I can record live while using WXtoimg.  If using the HF+ I can record live on both.

And I have found software called MeteorGIS and with this you can create compositions similar to what WXtoimg does with the NOAA sats.  And another good tool with MeteorGIS is it removes the black bars caused by the fault in the Meteor sat that puts a black bar across the image every six minutes, it also removes little lines in the image caused by poor decode.  So basically it is filling in the missed data with artificial data from surrounding pixel data in the image.  The results are good and more pleasing on the eye. Below is some examples of recent Meteor visual and infra red night passes.  Using the MeteorGIS software as you can see in the visual composition if the missing data is too large caused by signal fade the software does not fill it in .

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