Reception of Meteor M2 Weather Sat

I have been receiving and decoding images recently from the NOAA weather Sats with decent results using my Airspy HF + and V dipole antenna on my balcony.

I was reading about the Russian Meteor weather Sats people have been receiving and getting some very good images from for some time now.  The advantage with the Meteor Sats is their image resolution is 1km the NOAA APT Sats are 4km, So more detail in the image can only be a good thing.   I stumbled across a fellow Scots website Les Hamilton, full of information and links to software to get you started.

I used the Amigos LRPT decoder in real time under TCP while connected to SDR#, and using Smooth Meteor to further enhance the image. Below is the image I received

The first is the enhanced image and cropped to show the best part of the decode, the UK is barely visable under all the cloud.  The second is the original decoded image, the two black bars are caused from a malfunction on the satellite every six minutes.  The other thin lines are signal fade.

Meteor 23-11-182018-11-23-8-8-58-718_123

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