NOAA Wx Satellite Decoding

I have always been interested in receiving satellites and have decoded the NOAA sats many times with acceptable results,  sometimes the problem with the receiver was the lack of IF bandwidth nowadays with SDR this is not a problem.  In the past I would try and make QFH antennas they are circularly polarised ideal for sat reception.

However I found them difficult and time consuming to make, surfing the net today I came across an article by 9A4QV Adam and he had made a V dipole and was getting very good results 9A4QV article on V dipole

As you can see in Adams article the antenna itself is as basic as it gets and I made it in minutes and had it outside on the balcony next to my mini whip in no time.

The dipole was feeding my Airspy HF+ and using SDR# and WXtoImg I waited for the next available sat to see if it works.

Wow I was blown away by the results how could such a simple antenna produce an image as good as what I had in the past when using a QFH, obviously my construction of the QFH must have been off as it is difficult to make, on the other hand the V dipole is basic and easy to assemble but it works !

The first Sat to decode was Noaa 18 it was not an over head pass but the below image was received.  I just wonder If I use an inline amp might help with the slight noise bursts.  To the North I have buildings and hills so always going to struggle that said got down to about 12deg.  Will try tomorrow for overhead passes.

My thanks to Adam 9A4QV for coming up with this idea and posting the guide on the net!


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